My Dog Training Academy online Training Site will be live beining of February. Sign up for Puppy + Me Hybrid Program (4-weeks)

Join us for an exciting FREE Webinar for First Time Dog Owners. Wed., January 27th @10am PST. via Zoom. To sign up click here.

My Dog Training Academy will be live the beginning of February starting with Puppy + Me Hybrid Program, which is a 4-week program consisting of videos, handouts, group training sessions via Zoom, outings, Private FB group and 24/7 support.


Additional programs, videos, classes and more will be added as it is finished. To sign up, click here.

Online Learning

No one wants to have their dog, or four-legged child misbehavior. It can be embarassing and dangerous.


We are here to help alleviate your pain and help you have the well mannered dog that you dreamed you would have.


Whether your dog is barking at people walking by, charging the fence, or growling at strangers entering your home. We are here to help both in person and with virtual training sessions.


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Behavior Consultation

Our goal is to provide you and your dog with the best experience and highest quality training possible. We want your dog to look forward to coming to class each week or to get excited every time you pick up your treat pouch for training. 


We want you to enjoy working with your dog and to encourage you to come up with new and innovative ways to engage and enhance your dogs learning experience. 


Distance is no long an impedement to training. Virtual Training is now available. We offer Private Packages and Group Classes.  Contact us for an appointment


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